Picked up 150m and 30k alex pack, Owner was great .. ...»
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BuyFFXIGil is the Internet's #1 source for cheap safe FFXI Gil. We are the most reliable safe reseller on the Internet with over 7 years of strictly dealing with FFXI Gil and other Final Fantasy XI Account services. All of our gil comes from NA sources. What does that mean? It means we can without doubt offer the safest highest quality gil of anyone!

Final Fantasy XI has been running for more than year and with new content regularly being released there is no sign of it letting up in the near future. When buying FFXI Gil or selling FFXI gil if you suspect the company might be Chinese speak with someone for your own accounts safety! Most companies than offer 24/7 support are Chinese! Find a company that has positive feedback from their customers and displays them. We proudly display all of our reviews right on our homepage!

Customer Reviews

10M Gil - All Servers
This was the best gil buying experience I have ever had! I will be doing this again! Much better the china getting our money this guy is legit! Fast and personal! He will talk to you!
02/07/2014Josef C.
10M Gil - All Servers
Very good service, quick and helpful! Will use these in the future over other services.
10M Gil - All Servers
picked up 20 within an hour pretty quick
1M Gil - All Servers
Bought 30m on Asura, order placed at 7PM delivered by 7:30PM. Spoke with sales via skype, could not of been happier with the process and the price was unbeatable
5M Gil - All Servers
only SAFE cheap place I will eve rbvuy from, these guys are professionals
1M Gil - All Servers
only bought 7m but felt like my order was 200m with the service I reciebved, talked on the phone and had gil delivered within 10 minutes
10M Gil - All Servers
Picked up 50m, professionals as always, thank you
10M Gil - All Servers
EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE! super quick to reply and delivery was fast and seamless. There was no hassle or worries, everything was perfect. Gil was exactly as stated with no issues. Will definitely do business here in the future.
50M Gil - All Servers
WOW! used uname site for years got my mule banned for RMT, these guys have it down to a science and no one can match prcies A++++
1M Gil - All Servers
One of the very few trustworthy people in the MMO community. Just bought 8m gil and was OVER compensated for a very minimal delay in receiving.
5M Gil - All Servers
Superb service, as ever! The place to be for FFXI stuffs. Thank you!
100M Gil - All Servers
Bought gil from BUYFFXIGIL after getting banned from buying from a chinese based site. These guys delivered and 2 months later clean as a whistle, prices were the best and it was nice talking to an english person