About Us

As gamers, we began playing FFXI at its North American release.  BUYFFXIGIL.net was established in 2005.  We have been working with Final Fantasy XI exclusively since this time.  

Our goal as a company is to provide cheap prices, quick delivery, and top-notch customer service.  We are a small North American company located in the mid-west.  We have been gamers most of our lives and started playing the Final Fantasy series on the NES.  

BUYFFXIGIL.net was founded to create an American option for buying gil so that accounts would not get flagged for RMT activity by interacting with Chinese farmers or delivery accounts.  

When you deal with us, you will deal with the same people every time.  We do not work in shifts and if you have questions regarding a service or an order it will not be answered by someone reading from a script